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    May 5, 2020

    15 Times People Felt Entitled To Someone Else's Login Info That Will Make Your Blood Boil

    "Did you change the Netflix password?"

    1. This person gave their Netflix login to their son, who gave it to a roommate, who had a lot of nerve.

    notusuallyhostile / Via

    2. This person who was generous enough to lend their Hulu out, but got criticized for not having the ad-free upgrade.

    Cola54Official / Via

    3. This person who is mad at someone else for not paying the bill that was allowing them to bum Disney+.

    acfcrystal / Via

    4. This person equating friendship to free login information.

    kallid0ra / Via

    5. This person who told someone not to talk to them, but also not to change their login info until Game of Thrones had ended.

    MindPattern / Via

    6. This person who NEEDS the Hotstar streaming service, but like, for free.

    sudutri / Via

    7. This person offering shout-outs in exchange for access to Disney+.

    Fairwheel / Via

    8. This person who had this interaction with their ex's friend who they hadn't talked to in years.

    The_Duff / Via

    9. This person who accidentally said "no" after being asked to lend their Netflix login and got a response that showed some true colors.

    krisprieto / Via

    10. This person who got an entitled message from their ex after a year of being broken up.

    DJOK9R / Via

    11. This person who said they couldn't be bothered to make a new Disney+ free trial every week, so they want someone's info.

    iiswegpanda / Via

    12. This person who wasn't willing to do the bare minimum but still wants Disney+.

    wispsofwind / Via

    13. This person simply can't fathom why one wouldn't be cool with sharing their Netflix password.

    pwaconnects / Via

    14. This person who got rude when their request was denied.

    69theenvironmnet / Via

    15. And finally, this person begging to leech off someone else's Disney+ login AND failing to make a "You've Got a Friend in Me" reference. Doubly pathetic.

    Apple08_ / Via

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