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17 Screenshots Of Interactions With "Influencers" That Are Going To Annoy You So Much

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1. This influencer wanted a free ticket (and a plus-one) to this charity event that's giving 70% of its money to the homeless.

CuratoroftheArts / Via

2. This "social influencer" was seeking free rent.

Chalupa_Dad / Via

3. This up-and-coming Instagram model with a whopping 3,000 followers wanted a private booth, 10 free spots, and a bottle of Grey Goose in exchange for their presence.

rodney_melt / Via

4. This "influenster" wanted free products to review.

Nunyabz7 / Via

5. This bratty influencer rudely demanded some makeup from a growing beauty brand.

saareadaar / Via

6. This influencer left a bad review because they didn't get a discount on their meal.

mmonzeob / Via

7. This influencer was looking for makeup artists and hairstylists to do free work for exposure.

Xenic1000 / Via

8. This tantrum-throwing individual thought having "a lot of followers" means they deserve free nails.

Mangovanilla1 / Via

9. This fashion influencer was seeking free clothing for their wedding.

sassy_potter / Via

10. This influencer thought having 60,000 Instagram followers meant he deserved a photographer's time and work for free.

thenamesof / Via

11. This influencer wanted photographers and videographers to work for her FOR FREE because hey, the supplies for her show are expensive.

RipsAVanStinkle / Via

12. This guy who does music tried to get free clothes in exchange for promotion.

burntheclothes / Via

13. This YouTuber with 40 subscribers was seeking free products.

D33T33 / Via

14. This "model" didn't pay photographers.

sbthomas81 / Via

15. This up-and-coming influencer was seeking an unpaid intern.

ilovetasinga / Via

16. This influencer wanted someone who sells merchandise to pay them to promote the products.

BearFluffy / Via

17. And finally, this social media influencer's agent was trying to get their client a free wedding package.

oung_valkyrie / Via