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    17 Screenshots Of Bosses That Show How Being In Power Brings Out The Worst In Some People

    "The bar is in my hands now. You're all being terminated. If you find this unfair, you can re-interview with me."

    1. This boss who got put in charge of a bar and decided to fire everyone, offering them a chance to interview for re-hiring after...

    ...and also gave this set of insulting guidelines to those wanting to continue working.

    2. This boss who has banned people from touching the air conditioning while it's set uncomfortably high.

    3. This shady-ass boss being unfairly controlling of tips earned by employees.

    4. This boss who posted a bunch of preposterous rules.

    5. This boss controlling the lights.

    6. This boss trying to dock people's pay by significantly more than it should be.

    7. This boss with zero understanding who forced someone to choose between their job and a doctor's appointment.

    8. This boss who isn't letting someone recover from COVID because they're new.

    9. This manager who fired a waitress for not sharing her big tip.

    10. This boss who sent someone an invoice for quitting.

    11. This boss who gave someone a warning for...going to the bathroom?!

    12. This crooked boss who doesn't want employees comparing notes on their pay.

    13. And this boss's straight up threatening posting for anyone who discusses pay.

    14. This boss who incorporated a "smell check" after people use the restroom to ensure they're not just hanging out on their phones.

    15. This boss who doesn't even ask...just feels entitled to someone's Saturday off.

    16. This boss who was so inconsiderate and rude it made someone quit entirely.

    17. And finally, this boss who is setting a real joyous work environment.