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16 Screenshots Of Incompetent People On Craigslist That'll Annoy You To Even Look At

"I saw the free dishwasher. I live in Smyrna. Got anything else to throw in to make it worth my time?"

1. This person trying to get a very cheap car fully repaired before buying.

DaintyMartian / Via

2. This person asking for bonus throw-ins with a dishwasher that's being offered FOR FREE.

nashjoe / Via

3. This person looking for Walmart price-matching.

ExoticKazama / Via

4. This annoying person who cried "Lemon Law."

lotsofeggs191 / Via

5. This person who got mad about a FREE cabinet and said they were "on the way" when the seller had only posted the name of the city they were located in.

octoari / Via

6. This lackluster lowball for a PS4.

cullenscottt / Via

7. This person requesting 40 (FORTY) logo designs for $10.

Emil8ner / Via

8. This seller who decided to up the price on their frames once someone was interested.

WilliamHarry / Via

9. This person who got what they deserved for being rude about a lawn mower's price.

Zestiest46 / Via

10. This individual who is astonished that there's not delivery on a FREE futon.

katgabriele / Via

11. This person who completely freaked out on someone's mom over some furniture that was being given away for free.

skuzgang / Via

12. This person who needs a place to stay, stupid people.

moonchild2998 / Via

13. This pretty dramatic plea for a video card.

CapitalQ / Via

14. This negotiator who ultimately was kind enough to accept the seller's apology.

Crash3_14 / Via

15. This person who wanted free delivery and doesn't seem to be picking up on sarcasm.

ferbdoe / Via

16. And finally, this incredibly strange, unexplainably hostile rollercoaster of emotions from a car seller.

alabamabooze / Via

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