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18 Wannabe "Influencers" Acting Like Entitled A-Holes, And Honestly It's So Embarrassing

They really think people care about their follower count!

1. This person casually asking a photographer to shoot their wedding day for 10 hours and exposure to a whopping 3,000 Facebook friends.

2. This girl who felt like she'd been wronged after she asked someone to move so she could take a video and they rightfully said, "No."

a woman trying to get her photo taken and another woman in the shot

3. This person who has a million followers and thinks that means they should just be given free clothes.

4. This person behaving this way toward security at a convention for creators and fans.

5. This person stepping on a conservatory's plants to snap a photo (after being asked not to).

a person standing with plants outside of the walkway

6. This person who called people dumb because they didn't clear the way for her photo of the sunset.

7. This person trying to get free custom-made sneakers in exchange for promotion.

8. This YouTuber who refused to pay 2 bucks for an empanada because he felt he deserved to be given free food and paid for "promotion" of said grub.

9. This influencer who wants a free puppy from a rescue group.

10. This person who got mad that a restaurant wouldn't hook them up with $100 off so they bashed their food.

Instagram story showing someone bashing food

11. This brainiac trying to charge someone money for exposure.

12. This person who thinks that being an influencer (who has influencer friends) means they deserve a free custom song.

DMs where an influencer asks for free music

13. This person being rude because they're not getting free product in exchange for "promotion" as they requested.

a person asking for free food in DMs

14. This person trying to get a $10,000 Iron Man suit in exchange for zero dollars and a "review"on their page.

15. This person who thinks having "over 240k followers" entitles them to free art.

16. All of these people involved in the cluttering of a New York street, holding up traffic to get their photos of the sunset.

17. This "up n coming influencer n model" who wants free arm sleeve tattoos.

18. And finally, this person asking for a $360 picnic AND suggesting the person pay them $200 to post it.