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    17 Weird Flexes And Humblebrags That Are Going To Make You Feel Secondhand Embarrassment

    "Got a new Bentley haha, it's whatever."

    1. This person who was just cleaning and stumbled upon all this cash.

    TrapSam / Via

    2. This person flexing their gigantic rock.

    rumsoakedham / Via

    3. This strong person who totally meant to share how much weight they were lifting on their private account.

    bombasser / Via

    4. The most braggadocious, self-absorbed Mother's Day message you'll ever see.

    CinnamonGirl94 / Via

    5. This entitled person who loves BMWs (relatable).

    JadedAyr / Via

    6. This person acting like purchasing a car is the same as splurging on an expensive pair of jeans.

    drumforthewin / Via

    7. This person who wants you to see their Gucci bag.

    GinaMunoz / Via

    8. This person who wants you to see their AirPods and other belongings.

    PsychicSavage / Via

    9. This person who accidentally bought a nice hotel room — whoops!

    itelluhwat / Via

    10. This person who got a Bentley. It's whatever though, haha!

    kevspaulsen / Via

    11. This person who supposedly did a good deed, but couldn't let said deed be done without letting the world know.

    Dead_as_a_doorknob / Via

    12. This cop who "accidentally" sent a collage of himself LITERALLY FLEXING and doing karate to someone.

    swearwolve / Via

    13. This person who wants you to know they have multiple phones and nudes.

    LFC_Joe26 / Via

    14. This person who missed their entire face in this selfie.

    whatwilko / Via

    15. This person accidentally dropped $400 on a speaker! WHOOPS.

    ezb2661 / Via

    16. This person who wants you to know the cost of their outfit, for some reason.

    Epic_User222 / Via

    17. And finally, this person who went on and on and on about himself, all to say he likes froyo. Riveting and relatable!

    ilovedavidgilmour / Via

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