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17 Irritating-To-Look-At Screenshots Of Bosses And Companies That Look Like They Would Be Miserable To Work For

Unprofessional, incompetent, and in charge.

1. This country club manager who is antagonizing a waitress for adjusting her corset.

2. This company that is still contacting someone for work-related help AFTER FIRING THEM.

3. This manager who fired someone via this email just 20 minutes after their shift ended.

4. This company that's giving off a very miserable vibe as they pass blame on...a stimulus and "lack of worth ethic."

5. This boss who was so inconsiderate and cold that someone put in their two weeks notice.

Screen shot of a text conversation

6. This manager bugging someone with this nonsense on their day off.

7. This boss who left a nasty, petty little note on someone's final check.

8. This boss who agreed to let someone have Sundays off, then decided to switch it up because they're short-staffed.

9. This manager who had a heads up that an employee would need time off, didn't plan accordingly, and isn't taking any of the blame.

10. This restaurant that pays $3 an hour but has the nerve to lecture people on tipping.

11. This company offering to negotiate salary, but also saying they have "no wiggle room."

12. This pesky employer bugging someone to cover a shift on short notice.

13. This manager who screwed up the schedule and thinks it's their employee's responsibility to work days they requested off.

14. This hospital that thanked a wife's husband for "sharing" her after she worked overtime (instead of paying her more).

15. This company that is telling someone they can't use their paid PTO.

16. This bar that was comfortable posting these hiring requirements.

17. And finally, this office that seems toxic, to say the very least.