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    16 Weekly Screen Time Report Tweets That Are Hilarious Because They're Accurate

    Come add to that screen time.

    During these times of quarantine, it's quite common for folks to rely on their phones for all communication and a lot of entertainment. However, many Apple users get a weekly Screen Time report, and seeing just how much more time you're spending on your phone has been a brutally honest experience that has elicited some very funny responses.


    “Your screentime was up last week” read the fucking room, phone


    My screen time report today was just this GIF



    Me every Sunday when I get my screen time report from Apple


    @ditzkoff SCREEN TIME: Why don’t I tell you the hours you weren’t on?


    When my weekly screen time report arrives


    You lot have a screen time of 16 hours daily but blame your headache on 5G towers


    “Weekly Report Available - Your screen time was up 1 trillion % last week, for an average of you have become your phone”


    Look, Apple screen time report, nobody wants to hear your shit right now.


    “Your screen time has gone up 5995726% since last week. You spent an average of 29 hours a day on your screen. Are you ok?”


    Got my iPhone’s weekly Screen Time report and I didn’t know I was awake that long


    Things I wish I could see: Humans Things I wish I could un-see: My Weekly Screen Time Report


    It should be illegal for our phones to report our screen time over the next few weeks who’s with me


    Hey Weekly Screen Time report, I’m not proud of it either.


    SCREEN TIME Weekly Report Available Your screen time was up 30% last week... me:


    i don’t need a screen time report i need a not on screen time report where someone congratulates me for the 36 seconds of the day i spent not on my phone