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15 Cringey Screenshots That Are The Most Sad, Embarrassing Things I've Seen Recently

A whole lot of yikes.

1. This person who gave the weirdest, rudest compliment to their partner.

2. This person whose ex-boyfriend wrote their current boyfriend the weirdest, cringiest messages.

3. This person who posted this totally true, definitely not made up story on Facebook.

A man telling a story of a girl saying she likes driving a stick shift, him not assuming she's lying, and her saying he's restored her faith in men because of it

4. This dude who is looking for a "vacation girlfriend" with this here post.

5. This person who tried to breath life into a group chat and scared the remaining members away.

6. This guy who has used Google Reviews to try to track down women he briefly encountered, not once...

A man uses a review to talk about a beautiful woman he met, the date it happened, and his contact information in case she sees it

7. ...not twice...

The same reviewer leaves a review for a different establishment talking about another woman he met, describes her and her car, and gives his social media handle

8. ...but THREE times.

The reviewer does the same thing again, this time about a woman who works for Door Dash and picked up an order at the restaurant where he works

9. This person who is persistent but not very good at taking the clearest hint of all hints — not getting a response.

10. This person who overreacted to their own bad pun.

11. This guy who seemingly doesn't have any friends to attend their sister's wedding, and also thinks they're going to charge people $50 to pretend to be his pal.

12. This guy who got a girl's number after meeting on Friday, and progressively made things more and more uncomfortable by Sunday morning.

A guy asks a girl if she wants a relationship, she says if it's the right guy, he asks if he's the right guy, she says she doesn't know, and he proceeds to pester her with questions

13. This interaction.

14. This guy who brought his friend to his date's house and it didn't end well for him.

15. This person sending ALL of these messages to someone who already told him they just wanted to be friends.

A person sends more than 10 messages over the course of two weeks without a response, revealing they've been dealing with poor mental health, first trying to go out on a date, then trying to stay friends

H/T r/sadcringe