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    17 Roommates Who Should Immediately Be Inducted Into The Bad Roommate Hall Of Fame

    No good has ever come of a passive aggressive note.

    1. This person's roommate, Taylor, who had the audacity to get defensive about not paying utilities.

    SpiritedDesk / Via

    2. These roommates who are having a petty argument via handwritten notes.

    fightingroom / Via

    3. This person who offered to buy their roommate liquor, which turned into them asking for more and more.

    mycatisnamedemmie / Via

    4. This person's roommate who takes the only two pots in the house and stores his leftover cooking in them.

    ihaverocketlegs / Via

    5. This person who thinks their roommate should pay more rent since they make more money.

    ItchyDonkin / Via

    6. This person whose roommate left all of this hair on their soap.

    mvpetri / Via

    7. This person who is seeking a roommate, but only if they're a "female" who is willing to share a room, and isn't home often.

    ChicoUn / Via

    8. This person's roommate who asked them for $100 to buy "pet food."

    spacehippies / Via

    9. This person's roommate who keeps the TV remote inside of its original plastic packaging to preserve its value.

    FullBull / Via

    10. This person who took off their shirt, threw it on the couch, took a nap, woke up, and found their roommate wearing their shirt.

    Skyshadow541 / Via

    11. This person's roommate who borrowed their car but didn't replace the gas they'd used.

    stylechild39 / Via

    12. This person whose roommate paid their rent like this.

    firechips / Via

    13. This woman's creepy roommate who is a grown man but jokingly calls her "mommy" because she sometimes helps him with small tasks.

    Rolling_Marble / Via

    14. This person's roommate who leaves multiple empty milk jugs in the refrigerator.

    Reddit_or_did_I / Via

    15. This person who is strictly looking for a woman with a car, who also doesn't mind cigarette smoke, as his roommate.

    Flojoe420 / Via

    16. This person whose roommate used their aluminum foil and left it LIKE THIS.

    howsyouronion / Via

    17. And finally, this double whammy of roommates — one who left a dirty pan on the stove for five days, and one who leaves passive aggressive notes instead of having an adult conversation.

    coinmurderer / Via

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