There's An Old Asylum Called Rolling Hills That's Supposedly Haunted, So We Went And Checked It Out

    There are 1,700+ deaths documented within the asylum.

    On this episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved, Ryan and Shane investigate the allegedly haunted Rolling Hills Asylum.

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    Rolling Hills has a storied past and it used to serve as a nursing home. There are 1,700+ deaths documented within the asylum.

    Shane and Ryan went to the room of an alleged ghost named Emma, who used to be a nurse.

    While it was windy out, there was a possible whisper picked up and it was super creepy.

    There's also a screaming lady who some think is the spirit of Phoebe White, the first resident to move into the asylum.

    They also went to a ghost named Steve's room. It's said that Steve isn't particularly friendly.

    The rest of their investigation revealed many things. From a bloody handprint... a creepy old Christmas room that used to be a place for kids to meet Santa around the holidays.

    There's also Shadow Hallway, where shadow people are allegedly seen moving through walls and doors.

    It has decades of history, so it's not farfetched to think spirits may still be lingering, but whether or not Rolling Hills Asylum is haunted or not remains unsolved.

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