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    18 WTF Bathroom Designs That Are Going To Make You Facepalm So Hard

    Flush the blueprints down the toilet.

    1. The way the walls in this restroom are painted.

    2. The tile floor in this bathroom that's both uncomfortable and terrifying.

    3. This hand dryer placed directly above a trash can for paper towels, resulting in a dramatic mess.

    4. This peculiar buddy system bathroom setup.

    5. The sign that should be moved to literally anywhere other than directly above a urinal.

    6. This urinal setup that has no dividers and offers zero privacy.

    7. The poster next to this urinal that makes you feel like Hawkeye is watching you pee.

    8. This restroom that decided to keep the toilet paper this far outside of the stalls.

    9. This restroom's paper towel distributor that's placed way too close to the countertop.

    10. This restroom that has separate faucets for cold water and hot water.

    11. This bathroom's disastrous mosaic design that looks like some sort of bug infestation.

    12. This restroom's terrible, awful, no good mirror.

    13. This strange stall door that only covers your top half.

    14. This oddly placed mirror that exposes people who are using urinals.

    15. This restroom that was designed with a texture that makes it look filthy.

    16. This restroom that has five paper towel dispensers, three sinks, and zero mirrors, for some odd reason.

    17. This restroom's absurdly close urinals.

    18. And finally, the placement of this faucet and sink that makes you want to ask whoever installed it, "Water you thinking?"

    H/T r/CrappyDesign