15 Photos Of Restaurants That Have Small But Brilliant Accommodations For Customers

    The little things go a long way.

    1. This restaurant livestreams its kitchen so you can see your food being made.

    2. This restaurant's napkins have two sides to let waiters know if you need help or not.

    3. This restaurant provides sunscreen to customers in outdoor seating areas.

    4. This restaurant offers convenient pills that turn into little hand towels if you add water.

    5. This restaurant's soap dispensers have options for before and after you eat.

    6. This restaurant gives customers a discount for being friendly.

    7. And this restaurant provides a discount for well-behaved kids.

    8. This restaurant has a detailed description of its spice levels.

    9. This restaurant delivers drinks to customers via a miniature train set.

    10. This restaurant lets you know which part of the pan the brownies are from.

    11. This restaurant provided cards in the bathroom on Mother's Day for customers who were in need.

    12. This restaurant keeps personalized mugs for local regular customers.

    13. This restaurant has takeout boxes with little compartments for each taco.

    14. This restaurant has an icy strip that keeps your drink chilled.

    15. And finally, this restaurant has a nifty gizmo that's linked to your waiter's smartwatch and allows you to call them over.