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    17 Scams And Lies From Restaurants And Food Products That Shouldn’t Even Be Legal


    1. This restaurant's side salad vs. their full salad, which seems to be just about the same amount of food on different sized plates.

    MF10R3R / Via

    2. Whoever topped this pizza with nothing but the in-box appearance in mind:

    ArtistWolf / Via

    3. This deceitful "LARGE" beer that costs more but actually fits into a regular-sized glass as well:

    Obito_GF / Via, Obito_GF

    4. This lying-ass cranberry chocolate bar:

    adenmck / Via

    5. This dishonest sandwich:

    Chicken_Sauce / Via

    6. This treacherous cookie container:

    SinTan1729 / Via

    7. This "bucket" of candy that you can "fill as much as you want":

    finishcarts / Via

    8. This Crunchwrap Box that you'd think costs $5:

    bananabread8 / Via

    9. These alleged, supposed Nutella-filled donuts:

    shaw_zz / Via

    10. This tater tot scam that deserves less than one star on Yelp:

    m3n00bz / Via

    11. The tiny slice of cheese on this burger that looks like something they'd serve at the Fyre Festival:

    Grego-o / Via

    12. This restaurant that's giving out false hopes of free burritos:

    Duckboy02 / Via

    13. The divider on this pâté packaging that's hidden under the label:

    NoFixedName / Via

    14. This 12 pack of rolls that's actually only a 12 pack if you cut each one into four pieces.

    yashiismad32 / Via

    15. This muffin that looks like it's filled with berries from the exterior, but is 100% muffin on the inside.

    ZombiedudeO_o / Via

    16. This orange smoothie mix that only requires you to get ALL of the ingredients to make it:

    PiratetheFoxy / Via

    17. And finally, this solid milk chocolate trophy that's actually only half the prize it appears to be.

    TyCooper8 / Via

    H/T r/assholedesign