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    15 Side-By-Sides Of The Food Restaurants Advertise Vs. What They Actually Serve

    The nerve, the audacity, the lies!

    1. This steak salad that looks nothing like it's advertised.

    2. This cookies and cream stuffed French toast that looks like it's filled with lies.

    [deleted] / Via

    3. This brisket bummer.

    YetiPie / Via

    4. This bruschetta that looks absolutely nothing like actual bruschetta.

    Flyingforme / Via

    5. This charcuterie board that looks nothing like the way it's pictured.

    CageyCanadian / Via

    6. This hotel's nachos as shown on the menu versus IRL.

    wowbobwow / Via

    7. This dishonest grilled salmon situation.

    SCSWitch / Via

    8. This utterly disappointing slider.

    alexx_y / Via

    9. This brownie with ice cream that looks pretty amazing in the photo, but pretty dull in reality.

    kairouz / Via

    10. This fraudulent depiction of a whiskey ginger ale option.

    proce55or / Via

    11. This sad sunflower butter and jelly sandwich that looks like zero effort was put into it.

    orangekayla / Via

    12. This lying photo of pizza that looks like its only topping is catfish.

    Penguin120 / Via

    13. This sadwitch.

    [deleted] / Via

    14. This beef and cheddar bummer.

    makemesalty / Via

    15. And finally, let's mercifully end this with a look at a cheddar bacon hot dog that frankly looks inedible.

    victorius21 / Via