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    I Found Some Hard Candies That Taste Just Like Strawberry Creme Savers And Everyone Needs To Try Them

    Same taste, different brand!

    G'day, y'all. Remember those delicious strawberries and creme flavored candies from back in the '90s and '00s?

    LifeSavers Company

    They were called Creme Savers and there was also an orange flavor (but nobody really cared about that one). Anyway, they just sort of slowly disappeared over the years with no real explanation.

    LifeSavers Company

    They even incorporated Creme Savers into that fun online miniature golf game from back in the day.

    LifeSavers Company

    I've thought about them many times in recent years, so much so that I've even tweeted about 'em.

    where'd you go, i miss you so, seems like it's been forever that you've been gone

    I've heard people say they're not officially discontinued, and I've looked for them online, but I've never been able to find them. Amazon? Unavailable.

    Amazon / Via

    Candy Warehouse? Not in stock.

    Candy Warehouse / Via

    Walmart dot com? No longer have 'em.


    BUT GUESS WHAT? I was looking for candy at a Walmart in Vancouver (as one does on vacation) and I saw something called "Campino Yogourt & Fruit Hard Candies." My first thought was, "Wow, that's a really strange way to spell yogurt." But my second thought was, "Hey, those look like Creme Savers."

    Christopher Hudspeth

    I can explain the picture above of a nearly empty, savagely torn, crumpled up bag. See, what happened was, I blacked out and ate almost the entire package of hard candies like they were soft crushed ice from Sonic Drive-In or the hospital. By the time I realized I should get a photo and share my discovery with y'all, this is what it looked like.

    Anyway, here's the little packaging they come in.

    Christopher Hudspeth

    Here's what they look like, sort of. This one is a little funky because I left it in my car on a hot day, but it was the last one I had so just imagine this, but not all melty.

    Christopher Hudspeth

    Rejoice! The nostalgic taste of Creme Savers lives on, folks!


    Amazon / Via

    Hard candy rating: 10/10

    Are there ANY differences between these and Creme Savers?: I believe the Campino candies are a little bit smaller than Creme Savers were, that's the only thing I noticed.

    Creme Savers impression: 10/10

    Would I buy again?: I absolutely will.

    Where can you buy them?: Here on Amazon for $7.29.