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May 21, 2018

16 Brilliant Movie Theaters That Deserve A Round Of Applause


1. This theater's restroom that has screens on the floor so you can watch movies when nature calls.

FPS- / Via

2. This theater that has heated seats for maximum comfort.

alanishh / Via

3. This theater that has lids with two straw holes for multiple drinkers.

hollakris / Via

4. This theater that has an actual Skittles dispenser.

pizzadelivery3 / Via

5. This theater that has a place to empty your beverages instead of dropping liquid in a trash bag.

S-8-R / Via

6. This theater's quiet room for parents to bring children when they're having fussy moments.

Gleefully_Weird / Via

7. This theater that has a dim light for people to check their assigned seat number.

benapplefleck / Via

8. This theater's totes that have a pocket to hold cups.

Heil-Hydra / Via

9. This theater's chairs that have a USB port so you can charge your (silenced) phone.

Scummynornor / Via

10. This theater that has a simple, but important bar for you to rest your feet on.

Ganjasarus_X / Via

11. This theater that offers popcorn with a lid to shake the butter around, then use as a bowl.

katiewestfall / Via

12. This theater that offers closed-captioning glasses.

enjoiyt / Via

13. This poster provided to explain how the movie rating system works.


14. This theater that cleverly used the carpet design from The Shining.

LondonCollector / Via, Warner Bros.

15. This theater that has a sign outside of each screening to tell you how long the movie has left.

redNewb / Via

16. And finally, this theater that gives you the heads up on whether there's a bonus scene after the end credits or not.

Misterguythingdude / Via

H/T r/mildlyinteresting.

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