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16 Brilliant Movie Theaters That Deserve A Round Of Applause


1. This theater's restroom that has screens on the floor so you can watch movies when nature calls.

2. This theater that has heated seats for maximum comfort.

3. This theater that has lids with two straw holes for multiple drinkers.

4. This theater that has an actual Skittles dispenser.

5. This theater that has a place to empty your beverages instead of dropping liquid in a trash bag.

6. This theater's quiet room for parents to bring children when they're having fussy moments.

7. This theater that has a dim light for people to check their assigned seat number.

8. This theater's totes that have a pocket to hold cups.

9. This theater's chairs that have a USB port so you can charge your (silenced) phone.

10. This theater that has a simple, but important bar for you to rest your feet on.

11. This theater that offers popcorn with a lid to shake the butter around, then use as a bowl.

12. This theater that offers closed-captioning glasses.

13. This poster provided to explain how the movie rating system works.

14. This theater that cleverly used the carpet design from The Shining.

15. This theater that has a sign outside of each screening to tell you how long the movie has left.

16. And finally, this theater that gives you the heads up on whether there's a bonus scene after the end credits or not.

H/T r/mildlyinteresting.