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Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Aug 15, 2020

17 Very Poorly Designed Things That You Can't Help But Laugh At

The lack of foresight.

1. This salt in a black packet and pepper in a white packet.

SirLCF / Via

2. These candy-themed bath bombs that look entirely too edible and are an accident waiting to happen.

hybridtheory1331 / Via

3. This column and stair railing that are just going right through each other like a video game glitch.

GelatinSkeleton3 / Via

4. This chocolate bar that's impossible to cleanly break apart.

FilipIzSwordsman / Via

5. This wildly zig-zagging sidewalk.

drnick1988 / Via

6. This brown swirl design that you don't want to see in a bathroom.

fluffytoast12 / Via

7. And the final appearance of this bath bomb.

GlassBank / Via

8. This dangling lighting setup in this bar.

pantsinsummer / Via

9. This poorly aligned basketball hoop.

ahaight1013 / Via

10. This map that makes it very unclear which states are affected.

angela4design / Via

11. These art tools that look like they're labeled "fine fart."

memester3000_ / Via

12. This remote that has the volume down button on top and the up button on bottom.

alessandroias / Via

13. The confusingly colored signage on this office door.

patchy_22 / Via

14. This patriotic "land of the because of the brave USA free" shirt.

suzzydog / Via

15. This pan's handle that's so heavy, it can't sit flat.

Luwazi / Via

16. This cap that DOES NOT twist off, despite the curved arrow symbol plastered on it.

mr_friz / Via

17. And finally, this frame signage that appears to say, "YOU HAD ME AT HELL."

TheSexyPenguin / Via

H/T r/crappydesign

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