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    17 Photos Of People Being Absolute Monsters That'll Make Your Blood Boil

    They're at grocery stores, on subways, and possibly even in your home.

    1. The monster who misplaced a precious pint of ice cream, leaving it to melt amongst some candles.

    2. Whoever thought it was acceptable to opens things like this.

    3. This person who thought it was chill to discard pistachio shells on the floor of public transportation.

    4. Whoever stuck their gum inside of this USB port.

    5. Whoever cut this sub in half.

    6. The person who used paper towels like this.

    7. This individual holding this pizza incorrectly.

    8. Or the person who ate pizza like this.

    9. Whoever chose to cut the first brownie like this.

    10. Whoever chomped down on a Kit Kat like this.

    11. Whoever "changed" the toilet paper roll like this.

    12. Whoever tore their soda carton like this, instead of using the precut opening.

    13. Whoever decided to hack a slice of cheesecake like this.

    14. Whoever thought it was chill to open a bright laptop in a dark movie theater.

    15. The horde responsible for carelessly destroying this shoe section.

    16. The employee who decided to sample a piece of every single donut.

    17. And finally, the inconsiderate driver who is occupying three whole parking spots.