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    Updated on Jul 15, 2019. Posted on Jul 13, 2018

    14 Painfully Relatable Photos That’ll Make You Say, “I Hate It When That Happens”


    1. When you wake up because of this:

    nesfor / Via

    2. When your keys somehow manage to get stuck like this:

    hockeronipepperoni / Via

    3. When you get one of these pesky sweater bumps:

    Bulletz4Brkfst / Via

    4. When this inevitably happens to your charger:

    god_eater_101 / Via

    5. When your login attempts fail, so you try to create a new password, then this happens:

    GerardWayNoWay / Via

    6. When you try to peel off a medicine bottle and this happens:

    pinguboii / Via

    7. Or even worse, when this happens with a lift 'n peel tab:

    CactusCait / Via

    8. Or when the answer to a security question doesn't fit its requirements, so you have to deal with this:

    keelymepie / Via

    9. When an awkward, bulky plug covers the outlet like this:

    bradford2 / Via

    10. When this happens with a cord, and the crevice on a computer chair wheel:

    OneBakingPanda / Via

    11. When important mail has clear instructions on the package, but is still delivered to you like this:

    12. When you're trying to butter bread and it tears a hole in it like this:

    splatlame / Via

    13. When you're trying to peel an egg and it goes very poorly:

    RedBeardMark / Via

    14. And finally, when you finish doing dishes and your shirt looks like this:

    smor729 / Via

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