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    22 Pictures Of Food So Perfect They're Physically Attractive

    You ever see food so aesthetically pleasing that you don't even want to touch it?

    1. This slice of cheese perfectly melted onto a patty.

    mikefromtheclub / Via

    2. This marshmallow that's roasted to perfection.

    Nemnock3113 / Via

    3. This perfectly cooked grilled cheese.

    YerBlues69 / Via

    4. This perfect-looking orange.

    Turbo_Scout13 / Via

    5. This incredibly perfect pancake.

    blsiege / Via

    6. This perfect eggplant that looks like the emoji IRL.

    Juankestein / Via

    7. This frozen beverage's two flavors being perfectly distributed up the straw.

    omg_itsryan_lol / Via

    8. This absolutely perfect scoop of ice cream.

    Elyuri / Via

    9. This perfect pile of white rice.

    gray_jacket / Via

    10. This perfect swirl of soft-serve ice cream.

    PerfectCreamery / Via

    11. This smooth, flawless cake.

    AAwad9 / Via

    12. This perfectly heart-shaped strawberry.

    beanyways / Via

    13. This pot of pasta boiling in perfect alignment.

    lagori / Via

    14. This perfect watermelon.

    skeleskull / Via

    15. These perfectly aligned Tic Tacs.

    plus_ / Via

    16. This perfect clove of garlic.

    1ns4n / Via

    17. The perfect bun on this Filet-O-Fish.

    Coridian / Via

    18. This perfect pepper that the Chili's logo would be jealous of.

    Flyinrooster / Via

    19. This perfect, symmetrical sushi.

    indianajobes / Via

    20. The flawless insides of this croissant.

    computer_addiction / Via

    21. This perfectly centered egg.

    NauticalPhoenix / Via

    22. And finally, these beautiful slabs of cornbread that were baked to perfection.

    luna8913 / Via