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    14 Hypocrites Who Are So Hypocritical They Don't Even Seem To Realize It

    Pot, meet kettle.

    1. This person giving advice on how not to park — after parking crookedly and being outside the line.

    Lucky7UP / Via

    2. This Carson dude who could've said nothing and worried about himself, but did this instead.

    bobsyauncle1993 / Via

    3. This guy recommending that folks stay in school while not understanding how shadows work.

    deliteplays / Via

    4. This parking enforcement person handing out tickets while illegally parked.

    Ericaroo / Via

    5. This man on a bike with an exposed noggin and a shirt encouraging helmet safety.

    clarkieeBoy / Via

    6. The creators of this game, whose inconsistencies are not OK.

    staffell / Via

    7. This person preaching about being faithful, even though she cheated on Nick.

    not-feeling-alive / Via

    8. This person suggesting that people keep politics out of sports — and saying #MAGA in the same tweet.

    SeungminHong / Via

    9. This person whose shirt brags about standing for the anthem, but then has the US flag on the ground and is using it like a beach towel.

    [deleted] / Via

    10. This professor who made a significant writing error while emphasizing the importance of catching one's writing errors.

    BluesMan8879 / Via

    11. This person condescendingly jumping to correct someone's spelling, then immediately misspelling something.

    Togarda / Via

    12. This person who is anti-government but has a vanity license plate, which costs money that goes to, you guessed it, the government.

    ssshafer / Via

    13. The person responsible for promoting their "pledge to go paperless" campaign on printed sheets of paper.

    RoboLion-2000 / Via

    14. And finally, as much as I love her, I can't not mention Lady Gaga calling people out for stealing art — while using watermarked photography.

    @ladygaga / @shutterstock / Via Twitter: @ladygaga