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There's A Netflix Movie Called "How It Ends" That's Making People Angry, So I Watched And Here's How It Went

"I suggest that NOBODY watch How It Ends on Netflix. Just don't."

WARNING: Contains spoilers.

You know how naturally when people say not to do something, you feel the urge to do it? Well...

Here's how Netflix describes the movie:

So, early on we learn that a dude named Will is dating a guy named Tom's (Forest Whitaker) daughter, Sam. Tom seems to despise Will.

The day after that awkward dinner Will is video chatting with his boo, Sam, telling her how grouchy her dad was, when all of a sudden the call is dropped.

Everything goes to shit real quick. No power (unfortunate), no phone service (downright tragic), and Will hasn't heard from Sam since their FaceTime cutout.

Ok, people said this movie was terrible but I'm 40 minutes in and it's definitely not too shabby.

It's turned into a guy and his future father-in-law on a road trip, but not the fun kind because the world is ending or whatever.

Ah, yes, this always ends well in movies:

One hour in and there've been high speed chases, shootouts, explosions, and some weird lightning — what more could you ask for?

I've never seen a movie where so much stuff has happened, yet I have no clue what's going on.

Tom broke his ribs earlier and now he's coughing up blood, so he's definitely going to die, right?

Oh, now they're being nice to each other and making promises — Tom is definitely done for.

He's even doing the nod-off-dying-in-the-backseat thing like Denzel in Man on Fire.

Ok, so some stuff happens.

Then some things happen.

Then more stuff and things happen. It's not the greatest story ever told, but they've done a decent job of getting us to the home stretch.

What's harder to believe — that someone is capable of navigating an apocalypse-ruined city with a map, or that someone in 2018 would even own a map to begin with?

Another pretty significant thing happens.

Oh, NOW I see why everyone is so angry at this movie — the ending is one of the most random, abrupt, pointless conclusions to a film that you'll ever see...EVER.

Imagine waiting in line an hour and a half for a rollercoaster. Then, you finally get on and the big drop is just about to happen, when suddenly you're sitting on your couch watching end credits.



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