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    25 Screenshots Of People Oversharing (Or Lying) About Their Sex Lives

    Some things can (and should) be kept to ourselves.

    1. Whoever wanted the delivery person to know they were busy doing the deed.

    2. Whoever started a conversation with their friend just to say this...

    3. Whoever thought this was a cool flex.

    4. Whoever wanted to make sure that if their neighbor didn't hear the sex, they still knew that it happened.

    5. Whoever felt these details were relevant in his review of a purse.

    6. Whoever felt like boasting this badly.

    7. Whoever thought their Facebook friends should know this personal detail.

    8. Whoever couldn't just say, "Hey, I'm down to play video games right now, are you?" and instead went with this...

    9. Whoever just truly loves sex too much.

    10. Whoever buys a lot of condoms (for all the sex they're having).

    11. Whoever must've made a New Year's resolution to be obnoxious.

    12. Whoever was just too comfortable sharing their morning activities.

    13. Whoever couldn't take the "thumbs up" emoji hints and just kept going.

    14. Whoever is friends with someone who is quite similar to them.


    16. Whoever thought this would draw some matches.

    17. Whoever casually dropped this in the group chat.

    18. Whoever couldn't just compliment the ice cream and leave it at that.

    19. Whoever got mad about losing video games and did their best to sound cool and unbothered.

    20. Whoever is, at the very least, self-aware that they're thirsty for a reaction.

    21. Whoever chose to not say "I can't make it," and went this route.

    22. Whoever just really did the most with this Valentine's Day recap.

    23. Whoever actually used the hashtag "#SexSoLoudThat."

    24. Whoever was given a fake number but still totally has sex, and don't you forget it.

    25. And finally, whoever definitely lied about getting a round of applause for making a ruckus.