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17 Photos Taken From Peculiar Angles That Are Going To Confuse Your Brain

At just the right angle, everything looks wrong.

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1. This row of espresso martinis that look like barstools on a wooden floor.

XanPizza / Via

2. This really, really long cow.

stealinggreen / Via

3. This cat's reflection, which is actually a second cat on the other side of the door.

zoeebee / Via

4. This bug on a windshield positioned with a building in a way that makes it look huge.

HooptyDooDooMeister / Via

5. This person sitting in perfect alignment with an advertisement.

magictamarin / Via

6. What appears to be a gigantic squirrel standing next to a van.

7. These striped pants that make one leg look like two skinny legs.

Mprovin / Via

8. What looks like someone driving down a snowy mountain, but is actually just ice on a windshield.

Arky200 / Via

9. This person who seems to have invisible pants, but is actually just sitting on the ledge.

lafarmacia / Via

10. This power plant and soccer field that have a blue building between them, making 'em look like a TV split screen.

weekapang / Via

11. What looks like an enormous dog rushing straight toward you.

Burbanos / Via

12. This single image of a wall, the edge of a building, and the trees in the distance.

ssnownamm / Via

13. What appears to be a fully grown baby.

BindableLeaf / Via

14. This paper-thin building that can only be understood when you see it from a different angle.

LifeOfInsight / Via

15. This trolley blending in with a building to make it appear super tall.

crackhappy / Via

16. This girl who appears to have three legs.

monkeyburrito411 / Via

17. And finally, this bird that looks like its snapping a picture of itself!

Luckj / Via

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