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15 Facepalm-Worthy Things Humans Recently Did During This Pandemic That Make Me Hope Aliens Aren't Watching

How does one facepalm without touching their face?

1. This interaction on a dating app.

Recent-Sorbet / Via

2. This group that worked out in protest of being unable to work out.

...thus proving that squats and push-ups can be done anywhere...?

3. This maintenance shop's sign that reads: "Due to the Corona Plandemic, and understanding the Hoax of it all, social distancing and the use of masks are both discouraged here. Shaking of hands as a greeting and salutation is also highly encouraged. Have a great day!"

Tik__Tik / Via

4. And this Illinois business that's actually banning face masks from being worn in their store.

lDeath_Wlshl / Via

5. This self-absorbed individual who didn't consider that maybe the glass shield is there to protect the cashier from customers.

psuedobox / Via

6. This guy who thinks COVID-19 is a lie, but also has on a mask and gloves — y'know, just in case.

Jasyn58 / Via

7. This person refusing the non-existent vaccination that they also assume is microchipped.

ssssspirate / Via

8. This super intelligent individual on Twitter who thinks Bill and Melinda Gates have a center that's actually labeled "population reduction."

redditer1148 / Via

9. This terrible human being who didn't wear a mask, then broke a Target employee's arm during a confrontation about it.

CNN / Via

10. This person wearing a pro-life beanie while protesting the "stay at home" orders put in place to save lives.

Camtowers9 / Via

11. This person who probably believes more conspiracy theories than they think.

cheeky-goat / Via

12. This attempt to call out pride parade attendees even though their events had been canceled for weeks.

13. This person on Facebook who knows more than the experts and posted this.

RustyRobotBeard / Via

14. Anybody who skips wearing a mask in a store because they're too cool.

Men less likely to wear face masks because they're 'not cool' and 'a sign of weakness'

15. And finally, this post on Facebook and any post like it, because there are actually people who are this impossible to reason with.

johnnypin / Via

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