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    17 Screenshots Of People's Interactions With Neighbors That'll Make You Say, "They Can't Be Serious"

    "I want the free air conditioner you're offering to be delivered to me (also for free), thank you."

    If you've never heard of Nextdoor, it's a private social network for particular neighborhoods and some of the people on it are a trip! Here, see for yourself.

    1. This person who caused a loud boom that shook his entire neighborhood up.

    2. This person who wants people to not walk in front of their house.

    3. This person who is casually asking for a free air conditioner plus free delivery. No biggie!

    4. This person declaring an URGENT ALERT over some unripe avocados.

    5. This person requesting that neighbors follow a Christmas lights curfew.

    6. This person selling a couch with a cat sitting on it, which they listed as pet-free.

    7. This person casually asking for someone to risk their credit.

    8. This paranoid individual who is worried about an antenna.

    9. This casual request that folks stop cooking!

    10. This person telling someone what to do and this other person who doesn't "need" to do anything.

    11. This person who thinks they're on Tinder.

    12. This person who wants a free coffee grinder BUT only if it's the newest and latest in grinding technology, obviously.

    13. This "angery" person.

    14. This microwave someone hooked up on someone's porch, for some reason.

    15. This person who you can tell is an absolute terror.

    16. This person who is very concerned about Z3d.

    17. And finally, this person named Linda who is worried about marijuana, meth, and the decorative items on her front porch.