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I Watched This New Movie On Netflix Called “Dude” Because People Are Saying It’s The Worst And Here’s How It Was

"Dude on Netflix was the worst movie ever."

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Recently I watched the alleged scariest and saddest movies on Netflix. After all of those emotions, I'm looking for something chill. Something bad. Something so bad, in fact, that I won't be able to get invested.


I searched for the worst movie on Netflix and the leading candidate was something called Dude.

Here's a sampling of some of the tweets about Dude.


This movie stars Lucy Hale who I'm a fan of from back when I dabbled in Pretty Little Liars, but loving Lucy wasn't even enough to salvage the movie for that last tweeter.


Interesting. Now the movie has jumped forward a year. So far it's 45% people sad over Thomas's death, 45% vulgar sex stuff, 10% smoking weed.


So Friend One has she and Friend Two's future together planned out, but Friend Two is secretly considering attending a different college.


*Waits for inevitable drama when Friend One finds out about Friend Two's secret plans.*

This is such a strict parent take, but Dude's teenage lewdness feels kind of excessive.


I mean, I get it, it's high school, but everything seems so forced.


I'm disappointed in this movie but I don't know what I expected considering Netflix's synopsis is extremely accurate.


This reminds me of Superbad because it's high school friends toward the end of their senior year. Only, Dude tried to be a drama so it's not funny, and it tried to make bad jokes which kills any emotional momentum.


So Friend One found out Friend Two has different college plans. She also discovered that Friend Three and Friend Four knew about Friend Two's plans, and she was the only one out of the loop.


Friend One goes off on everyone. There's still 30 minutes of movie left — plenty of time for reconciliation.

There are two things in particular that fully ruined Dude for me.


One is the storyline where one of the girls and her teacher are romantically interested in each other — it's just odd and problematic.

The second, more concerning thing is that this movie has a rape scene that's casually glossed over for the most part.


Later on, the guy who commits the rape is kneed in the groin and it's never mentioned again, which seems like a poor way to portray a significant issue.



Is it as bad as people said? Yeah, it's pretty bad, y'all. And not fun bad like The Room, just bad bad.

Do I recommend watching?: The cast is good, so there's that, but I can't encourage you to watch this because I'd feel responsible for that hour and a half of life that you'll never get back.

Rating: 10/420.