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    There's A New Netflix Movie Called "Secret Obsession" That People Either Really Enjoyed Or Strongly Disliked, So I Watched And Here's How It Is

    Amnesia. A traumatic attack. A mysterious husband. Come see what the drama is all about!

    If you haven't heard, there's a new Netflix movie called Secret Obsession and boy does it have some conflicting reviews.

    As a fan of Brenda Song and seeing movies that people have passionate, opposing opinions on, it only made sense to give this a watch.

    Here's how Netflix describes the movie:

    The movie begins with Brenda Song's character, Jennifer, trying to escape an attacker. Eventually, while running on foot, a car accidentally hits her and she's taken to the hospital.

    Russell, her "husband" is at the hospital waiting to see if she wakes up. I put husband in quotation marks because if you watched the trailer you know that Russell isn't actually her husband, he's just pretending to be.

    You're going to hear a familiar voice and it's from a character named Detective Frank Page. He's played by Dennis Haysbert who does all those Allstate commercials, but as Netflix's Twitter told everyone, he's also done a lot of other stuff so we're going to put some respect on his name.

    To anyone watching Secret Obsession & solely calling Dennis Haysbert “The Allstate Guy” a reminder that his resume is LEGIT: Major League, Heat, Waiting To Exhale, Love & Basketball, Far From Heaven, Wreck-It Ralph, Dear White People — and, of course, 24’s ICONIC President Palmer

    Frank Page in investigating Jennifer's accident. He asks Russell some questions, but nothing really comes of it.

    We learn that Detective Page had a 10-year-old daughter who went missing.

    So, the doctor tells Russell that Jennifer is awake and he can see her. The doc warns him that she'll only remember things like her name and her family but not him. They say her memory loss was caused by hippocampus damage but I bet it's just a result of lazy writing.

    So, they finally come face to face. He's like, "I'm Russell, your husband."

    And Jennifer's like...

    Russell is telling Jennifer how they met and showing her pictures and I absolutely LOST IT at this clearly photoshopped picture. C'mon, Jennifer, your memory might be foggy but surely you know what sloppy cropping looks like.

    Jennifer is released from the hospital and goes home with Russell. Every so often she'll have a brief vision of something traumatic but it goes away in a flash. For example, seeing the fireplace reminds her of a knife-wielding person in front of a fireplace.

    There's a dude who witnessed the accident and he spoke with the detective. Russell doesn't want him getting involved in the investigation so he kills him.

    Then Jennifer wakes up and catches Russell digging in the backyard (he's hiding the body, but she doesn't see that).

    Jennifer seems to be increasingly suspicious of Russell's behavior. She's looking at more photos of them together BUT STILL HASN'T NOTICED the terrible photoshop work.

    Detective Page is definitely suspicious of Jennifer's case and Russell in general because he hasn't been able to get a hold of them since she was released from the hospital. After some searching, he makes a wild discovery that I'll spoil below for those who want to know.

    WAIT, IT FINALLY HAPPENED! She noticed the bad photoshopping! Still, she's just like, "Gee, that's strange how the hair and head don't match" but she doesn't look into it any further.

    So, Jennifer is definitely figuring out something is up with Russell. She finds her ID (with her real last name) in his belongings and realizes he did something to her cell phone to ensure that it doesn't have service (which he'd told her was just because they're in the mountains).

    So, Jennifer is snooping around when she goes outside and falls on the ground, right next to a poorly buried body with a hand sticking out. Russell rolls up on her and knocks her out.

    When Jennifer wakes up, she doesn't seem to remember the dead body for some reason, but she (foolishly) tells Russell that she knows he's not her husband. So, now that it's out in the open, he's like, "Cool, so you're my hostage now" and he locks her foot to the bed.

    Detective Page tracks down Russell's crib and buzzes in asking to talk. Russell tells Jennifer to stay quiet in the room and opens the gate for Detective Page. When Page enters, Russell is nowhere to be found.

    Jennifer sneaks out of bed and bangs on a window to get Detective Page's attention. There are 20+ minutes left so I know it's not going to be this easy and Russell is about to pop up and crack one of them in the noggin'.

    It's Detective Page's noggin'!

    After taking out the detective, Russell goes after Jennifer. He doesn't kill her, but he does tell her to accept the fact that he's her husband now and locks her back in the bedroom.

    While tying Jennifer up, Russell reveals that he stalked her and her husband for a long time, wishing she'd be with him instead.

    Russell reveals that he killed her husband and parents so nobody would be in their way. He was chasing after her and probably would've killed her too, but she got hit by the car which gave him the opportunity to fill the role as her husband.

    Jennifer pretends she wants to give her and Russell a chance. She asks him to get her something to drink and while he's gone, she frees herself from her ropes. When he comes back in, she knocks him out with a glass vase. He groggily gets up and chases after her.

    Meanwhile, Detective Page is coming to. He escapes from wherever Russell had stashed him.

    Russell tracks down Jennifer and is about to shoot her when Detective Page comes out of nowhere and tackles him. The two scuffle until Jennifer picks up the gun.

    Jennifer shoots Russell (two times for good measure) and that's it. He's dead. Not going to lie, it's all pretty anticlimactic.

    We see a jump ahead weeks after the incident. Detective Page is selling his missing daughter's old toys and he plans to retire in Scottsdale to live his best life. Jennifer is moving to San Jose.

    Detective Page gives Jennifer a note he found from her late husband. We hear a voiceover of her husband speaking the words as she reads it and it's very sweet and stuff, then the movie ends. So, yeah, the trailer literally gave away everything mysterious/thrilling when it kind of didn't have to.



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