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    Updated on Oct 19, 2019. Posted on Jun 26, 2018

    15 Incredibly Mouthwatering Food Creations Made With Hot Cheetos

    Hot Cheetos ice cream is a thing that exists!

    1. A Hot Cheetos grilled cheese:

    containerpark / Via

    2. Tacos in Hot Cheetos shells:

    foodiemobbb / Via

    3. This burger with Hot Cheetos on the bun and the patty:

    irelands32pub / Via

    4. This macaroni and cheese covered in Hot Cheetos:

    alohalli3 / Via

    5. This Hot Cheetos frappe:

    foodtasticplaces / Via

    6. These Hot Cheetos mozzarella sticks:

    imbabyzchen / Via

    7. These Hot Cheetos coated shrimp:

    heaven1va / Via

    8. These Hot Cheetos chicken wings:

    calypsowings / Via

    9. A Hot Cheetos bagel with cream cheese:

    bertoruiz / Via

    10. This Hot Cheetos sushi roll:

    kapuyawn / Via

    11. Or this Hot Cheetos sushi burrito:

    heterosis / Via

    12. These Hot Cheetos onion rings:

    HappyHollandaise / Via

    13. These Hot Cheetos cheese curds:

    CuntCorner / Via

    14. This Hot Cheetos ice cream:

    xxxbryantxxx / Via

    15. And finally, this beautiful Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving turkey for a flamin' feast.

    kianatori / Via