25 More Things That Definitely Exist On Earth But Totally Look Like They Came From A Parallel Universe

    The trippy things continue.

    Recently I showed you 25 things that look like they came from a parallel universe, and now I'm going to show you even more. Scroll down to step into a portal to an alternate reality!

    1. This bright green bread.

    2. This perfect, cube-shaped tree.

    3. These circle-shaped playing cards.

    4. This clock that tracks days of the week instead of hours of the day.

    5. This CLEAR hot sauce.

    6. This person who's positioned in a way that makes it look like they're in a world of giants.

    7. This jug of detergent that's made of cardboard.

    8. This smooth, pitless avocado.

    9. This sign in an Amish village aimed at people riding horses that says "WHOA" instead of "STOP."

    10. This strawberry lemona— I mean, this pink and yellow moth.

    11. The fog that makes it look like there's a Burger King moon in the sky.

    12. Or this castle Burger King that looks like it exists in the Game of Thrones universe.

    13. This cat that has otherworldly eyes that look like an inferno.

    14. This boat that has a seat for underwater views.

    15. This carton for a single egg.

    16. This quadruple banana situation.

    17. This stoplight that has a crosswalk symbol in the middle and a viking on the bottom.

    18. These extremely large, plump blueberries

    19. This yellow door randomly placed in the middle of nowhere that looks like it'd lead to another dimension.

    20. This tree that someone actually crocheted.

    21. This butterfly that has transparent wings.

    22. This building that looks like a gigantic box.

    23. This fleet of robots cruising around and crossing a street.

    24. The leaves on this tree that make it look like it's a blurry glitch.

    25. And finally, these flowers that look like they've got galaxies existing within their petals.