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17 Photos That Show How The Coronavirus Has Brought Out The Worst In Some People

What's with the sudden urge to lick/spit on/hoard things?

1. This dude who did a bunch of rude, extra nonsense instead of just making coffee at home.

esoteric_surgeon / Via

2. This person who is cutting people off if they don't attend their wedding because of the pandemic.

Crazy_Gemini06 / Via


WalknTalknSteveHawkn / Via

4. The commenter critiquing this selection of FREE groceries being offered.

emolyo / Via

5. This community that's treating the outside of Goodwill like a dump because they're closed during this pandemic.

MyArtStuff / Via

6. This woman who thought it'd be funny to cough on food and cost a store 35 grand in groceries.

NBC News / Via

7. This woman going through all of the strawberries to create her own special container at a time like this.

Check it out- this is a video a viewer sent us of a woman going through different strawberry containers at the Valley View Walmart this weekend. You can see that the shopper moves strawberries from one container to the next. @ABC13News

8. This disgusting dude who went around licking stuff in a Missouri Walmart.

This Missouri man has been charged with making a ‘terrorist threat’ after licking several Walmart items

9. The people stealing hand sanitizer from businesses and medical facilities, forcing places like this hospital to lock sanitizer in with a zip tie.

Rikkierolly / Via

10. This "because it's my right" guy.

bigmeepslarryhoova / Via

11. This terrible person who ruined a photo of a store's nice gesture by leaving a cold, heartless, and very idiotic comment.

zerogamesense / Via

12. This trio of teens said to have coughed at an elderly couple, leading to a confrontation and an assault.

The Guarian / Via

13. The person who took a bite of a taquito and put it back on the heater, as if eating gas station food didn't feel risky enough before this pandemic.

ObiWanLongDong / Via

14. This person and all of the other people STILL engaging in selfish hoarding behavior.

d1amondsareforever / Via

15. This person being negative about a local restaurant's efforts to provide folks with goods during the quarantine.

__rxsebud__ / Via

16. This filthy, nasty, disgusting scumbag who spit on a gas pump debit card slot, presumably to spread germs on the next person who unknowingly uses it.

RingsofSaturn_ / Via

17. And finally, this person being rude to an artist for charging for their work because they "have all the time in the world right now" to do it for free.

bunnyearrs / Via