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    Mechanics Are Sharing Photos Of Unfortunate Stuff They've Seen At Work, And They Deserve A Raise

    Turns out knowing how cars work isn't always the hardest part of being a mechanic.

    1. This person's car that is grossly packed with mess.

    2. This car that came with a whole snake under the hood.

    3. This car that came with a sassy note giving specific instructions.

    Note from the owner of a car saying, "Please fill my window washer fluid all the way up. If I get short changed on window washer fluid it makes me wonder if the other fluids are filled to their optimal levels."
    TheAznAssassinX / Via

    4. This person who brought her car in with two mice and an explanation.

    5. This customer who is nagging the people repairing their car, asking why its doors and windows are open while it's literally in service.

    6. This customer who put the wrong battery in their car, then slammed the hood on top of it, leading to this sparky mess.

    7. This person who brought their car in and left behind bottles that seem to indicate they do some drinking while driving.

    8. This person who brought their car in claiming the turn signal was having problems, which it turns out was their own doing, and a very, very simple fix.

    9. This car that came in with an opossum chillin' under the hood.

    10. This person who dropped off their car and forgot their gun near the gas pedal.

    11. This person who requested a repair shop teach to roll the window halfway down???

    12. This customer that brought their car in because of the unexplainable fluttering sound right outside their window.

    13. This car that bottomed out, likely due in part to the boxes upon boxes of soda in the trunk.

    14. This person who brought their car in and complained about the lack of acceleration between 115 and 122 miles per hour.

    15. This person who wants all this damage fixed for $1,500 or less.

    16. This person who provided a long list of demands when they came in for minor repairs.

    17. This customer who brought their car in complaining of malfunctioning heat, but the vents were actually just closed.

    18. This person who needed a repair after admittedly punching their own screen.

    19. This person who brought their car in with a bunch of newspaper covering their gas pedal.

    20. This customer who lost their keys for obvious reasons.

    21. And finally, this person who declined to buy new rear tires (for their Maserati) and left the repair shop on this.

    H/T r/Justrolledintotheshop