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    22 Forgotten Fast Food Restaurant Things That Haven't Crossed Your Mind In Years But Will Give You Intense Flashbacks

    From the different packaging to discontinued menu items!

    1. If you go way, way back, you'll recall McDonald's using this styrofoam packaging.

    molrobocop / Via

    2. Or, more recently, bags and wrappers that looked like this.

    HeCs8585 / Via

    3. They also used to have a children's seating area that looked like this.

    endlesswaveofwhat / Via

    4. And had these little burger stools.

    blinker265 / Via

    5. You might even remember sitting in one of these high chairs.

    ToyGameScroogeMcDuck / Via

    6. McDonald's also had this magnificent Orange Hi-C aka Orange drink on tap.

    tbhunt / Via

    7. And you could entertain yourself with these activity-filled paper tray liners.

    Timzor / Via

    8. All while munching on these tasty boxes of McDonald's cookies.

    hicooper / Via

    9. How about back when Wendy's packaging looked like this?

    thelazydon / Via

    10. And "Biggie" was one of their sizing options!

    EHoffman922 / Via

    11. And they had this design on their dine-in tables.

    TheRandomPoster / Via

    12. Then, there was the variety of options served at the Wendy's Superbar, from Mexican food to pasta!


    13. It's crazy to think that there was a full blown salad bar chillin' inside of Wendy's.

    GolfIsWhyImBroke / Via, Venm_Byte / Via

    14. Back then, Wendy's had commercials that featured the founder, Dave Thomas.


    15. Then, there's the vintage vibe inside of an old Burger King.

    mrsmusick / Via

    16. They also had crown-shaped chicken nuggets that just seemed to taste better.

    JPal713 / Via

    17. And they had their very own Burger King Kid's Club.

    CryoClone / Via

    18. Plus, special Kid's Club themed bags.

    14thCenturyHood / Via

    19. They also used to plaster this old Burger King design on their cups and wrapping.

    DrowningMoose / Via

    20. And they'd give out amazing toys with their meals, like these Pokémon gold plated cards.

    ohsnappleitsasha / Via

    21. Or these Rugrats watches that it seemed like everyone had.

    colehoots / Via

    22. And finally, there was that glorious period when Burger King had "Choose the Ooze" options that included GREEN APPLE NUGGET DIPPING SAUCE.

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