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Pretend To Make Some Adult Decisions And We Can Tell Exactly How Old You Are

The check engine light is on — whatcha gonna do about it?

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  1. Choose a breakfast, BUT you have to prepare it yourself.

  2. The check engine light is on. What will you do?

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  3. You have plans in an hour and you're 30 minutes away from the location. You're currently binge-watching a 30-minute sitcom. Do you watch one more episode or start getting ready now?

  4. You just finished brushing your teeth and you see floss sitting there. What do you do?

  5. You wake up late. You're supposed to be at work in FIVE minutes. What do you do?

  6. You want to eat leftovers but all your utensils and dishes are dirty. What do you do?

  7. You just got your tax return money and your favorite musician is in town next week, but you also have a credit card you need to pay off. What do you do?

  8. Here's an easy one — choose a sweet treat for yourself.

  9. You just bought groceries, then your friend called and invited you out to eat. What do you do?

  10. A fun thing is happening tonight but it goes on until 2 a.m. You have to be up in the morning by 7 a.m. Do you go?


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