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Literally Just 21 Super Cute Pictures Of Dwarf Bunnies That’ll Make You Say “Aww”

So soft, so small, so cuddly.

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1. Dwarf bunnies are frustratingly adorable and as soft as a pillow, making them the ultimate combination of cute and comfy.

officialmddbuns / Via

2. Just take these two fluffy BFF bunnies lounging around together.

nibbston / Via

3. And this little guy standing at attention!

@penelope_thenetherland / Via

4. Sometimes they're deep thinkers, like this little one appearing to be staring off, lost in thought.

@nyofnumber / Via

5. They even somehow manage to make messy eating look precious.

dapiercey / Via

6. Sometimes they look like they're scheming or plotting, which is normally concerning, but when a dwarf rabbit does it? Still cute!

winnie_thebunny / Via

7. Sometimes they hang out with their dogs.

kottekorre / Via

8. Other times they're shy and go into hiding.

nibbston / Via

9. Sometimes they're all up in your face.

10. Other times they keep their distance and look back at you like "Ugh, what do you want?"

peperon_bunny / Via

11. Sometimes they stand on all fours.

chomo0910 / Via

12. Other times they'll stand on two feet!

pan_ji / Via

13. And other times they won't stand at all, opting to lie down like a couch potato.

jipthebunny / Via

14. Oftentimes they're small enough to rest comfortably in your sweater pocket.

penelope_thenetherland / Via

15. They will get curious about objects from time to time.

toby_and_tilly / Via

16. Perhaps even curious enough to try to climb out of their cage.

maji_yacci / Via

17. But more often than not, they're doing something precious, like cuddling...

tangopluscash / Via

18. Or looking delightfully festive...

virgospotted / Via

19. Or doing that cute, scrunchy face-rub thing.

winnie_thebunny / Via

20. Even when they're not doing anything but sleeping, their existence never fails to be so stinkin' cute.

penelope_thenetherland / Via

21. And sometimes you'll find that they're so incredibly perfect, they don't even look real.

theworldstories / Via Twitter: @theworldstories

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