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15 Photos Of Incredible Moments When Things Lined Up So Gosh Darn Perfectly

What are the chances?!

1. The boxes of these two different rice brands that line up perfectly.

2. The electrical cords in this person's room that match up perfectly with the ones on That '70s Show being displayed on TV.

3. The eyes on this kid's socks that line up with the shoe's holes in a way that looks terrifying.

4. This piece of glass that fit perfectly into this shoe's sole.

5. This wrapping paper that lined up perfectly around this gift.

6. This Homer Simpson rug that lines up perfectly with the floor tiles.

7. The chicken breasts that go perfectly with the birds on this plate's design.

8. The Minion on the cover of Despicable Me that lines up with the swirl on this DVD holder.

9. The back of this truck that lines up perfectly with the mountains.

10. This phone that blends in perfectly with this desk.

11. This perfectly timed pausing of a movie that aligned the title with an actor's eyes.

12. This pickle inside of the jar that lines up perfectly with the pickle on the sticker.

13. This skier's white pants that line up perfectly with the edge of the hill making them appear transparent.

14. This miraculous star forming within this shrubbery.

15. And finally, this flock of birds flying in the shape of a bird.

H/T r/mildly interesting.