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    28 Screenshots Of People Blatantly Lying That Will Make You Cringe, Roll Your Eyes, And Feel Embarrassed For Them

    We've all imagined ourselves in ridiculous scenarios, but most of us don't post 'em on the internet as if they actually happened.

    One thing there's no shortage of on the internet is lies. Sometimes the lies are big, with ill intent to misinform the public, but other times they're just some random person cooking up random nonsense to sound "cool" or get attention. Let's take a look at an appetizer sampler of hogwash that's probably going to make you wince from the secondhand embarrassment!


    1. Here's someone who tried to verbally flex their arms.

    2. Here's a tall tale.

    3. Here's someone basically writing up an ad to get people to buy their "skinny coffee."

    4. Here's someone who probably got booted from a hardware store for not wearing a mask and then made this up.

    5. Here's a weediculous claim from an alleged teacher.

    6. Here's a bunch of lies that are out of this world.

    7. Here's a D-U-M-B lie.

    8. Here's an attempt at advertising essential oils that's essentially baloney.

    9. Here's someone who supposedly turned down a generous offering because they're just too ambitious and #self-made.

    10. Here's someone who created a preposterous story about creating a McDonald's menu item.

    11. Here's someone serving up a Venti-sized load of lies.

    12. Here's someone whose straw story sucks.

    13. Here's a just plane stupid little story.

    14. Here's a futile attempt at roasting a baby boomer with a made-up interaction.

    15. Here's a silly daydream that someone with quite an imagination typed out and posted in a YouTube comment section.

    16. Here's a story from someone who is immune to embarrassment.

    17. Here's a ~shoe-in~ for attention-seeking story of the day.

    18. Here's some drivel.

    19. Here's more drivel.

    20. Here's someone who played with toys and credited it to their nephew.

    21. Here's a classic mix-up story that's too expensive to be real.

    22. Here's a classic mix-up story that's too illogical to be real.

    23. Here's a busload of never happened.

    24. Here's whoever thinks kids go to Disneyland to see Mickey, Snow White, and...Walt himself.

    25. Here's some '90s sitcom plot in the form of a tweet.

    26. Here's a highly likely story.

    27. Here's someone who managed to get their lies down in print.

    28. And finally, here's a run-on sentence that's hard to even comprehend, and yet not a word of it sounds true.

    H/T: r/thatHappened.