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    I've Seen ""Liar Liar" So Many Times But I Never Knew About This Really Funny Jim Carrey Easter Egg Until Now

    Remember Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color?

    We've all seen Liar Liar, right? It came out in 1997, stars Jim Carrey, and is one of those movies you probably caught on TBS or whatever a couple times throughout the years.

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    You might also know that Jim Carrey starred in the '90s sketch comedy series, In Living Color. Of the many characters Carrey played, Fire Marshall Bill was a popular one.

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    Well, recently Twitter user @JustInNotOut pointed out something that the majority of people (myself included) had no idea about — Fire Marshall Bill is in the background of a scene late in the movie, doing very Fire Marshall Bill things.

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    Just take a look at it.

    I’m watching Liar Liar, and just caught one of the greatest cameos of all time! 😂😂

    The best part is the extra in red standing next to Fire Marshall Bill Jim Carrey, who appears to be trying his hardest not to burst into laughter.

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    A discovery I made that's as exciting as this little Easter egg is that Liar Liar is currently streaming on Hulu! This moment happens around the 1:16:15 mark if you want to go see it for yourself!

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