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    15 Knockoff Foods That Are Doing Hilarious Impressions Of Popular Products

    Have a break of a Kat Kot bar.

    1. These Kat Kot bars that even tried to whip up their own fun slogan, "Have a break, Have a Kat Kot."

    [deleted] / Via

    2. These Creme Betweens masquerading around like Oreos.

    bdv1234 / Via

    3. These chicken wing chips that stole Doritos' package design.

    FireySharken / Via

    4. These wannabe Girl Scout cookies that took Thin Mints' shtick and made it thick.

    Lireth / Via

    5. These fake tic tacs called simply, "tcc tcc."

    astronomicallyme3 / Via

    6. This Big Mac imposter, Big MacDougal.

    window-fly / Via

    7. These sodas that want to be Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew SO badly.

    ZipperDeer / Via

    8. This spin on Gatorade that looks like a cleaning product but is actually a sports drink called Energade.

    Captain_Pig4 / Via

    9. This Snickers bar pretender that missed its mark.

    that_one_neighbour / Via

    10. These peanuts with chocolate really copied the entire M&M aesthetic, but changed their letters to H&H.

    omarrrsh / Via

    11. These "nutters" aren't doing any better at trying to be peanut M&Ms.

    WolfitheWoooosher / Via

    12. This Nutella knock off that really had the nerve to call itself "Nut Master."

    bryan6969 / Via

    13. This vegetable oil spread that I can't believe is actually called "I Think It Tastes Like Butter."

    Cobi_Fox / Via

    14. This row of fraudulent sodas.

    y2k2r2d2 / Via

    15. And finally, this Hamburger Helper impressionist called PANBURGER PARTNER.

    catpork / Via

    H/T r/crappyoffbrands