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    15 Knockoff Foods That Are Doing Hilarious Impressions Of Popular Products

    Have a break of a Kat Kot bar.

    1. These Kat Kot bars that even tried to whip up their own fun slogan, "Have a break, Have a Kat Kot."

    2. These Creme Betweens masquerading around like Oreos.

    3. These chicken wing chips that stole Doritos' package design.

    4. These wannabe Girl Scout cookies that took Thin Mints' shtick and made it thick.

    5. These fake tic tacs called simply, "tcc tcc."

    6. This Big Mac imposter, Big MacDougal.

    7. These sodas that want to be Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew SO badly.

    8. This spin on Gatorade that looks like a cleaning product but is actually a sports drink called Energade.

    9. This Snickers bar pretender that missed its mark.

    10. These peanuts with chocolate really copied the entire M&M aesthetic, but changed their letters to H&H.

    11. These "nutters" aren't doing any better at trying to be peanut M&Ms.

    12. This Nutella knock off that really had the nerve to call itself "Nut Master."

    13. This vegetable oil spread that I can't believe is actually called "I Think It Tastes Like Butter."

    14. This row of fraudulent sodas.

    15. And finally, this Hamburger Helper impressionist called PANBURGER PARTNER.

    H/T r/crappyoffbrands