People Shared The Most Terrifying Things Their Children Have Done And It's Pure Nightmare Fuel

    The fine line between adorable and petrifying.

    1. This fairly gruesome poem written by a 9-year-old.

    2. This kid's drawing of their family snorkeling that looks like...something much darker.

    3. This kid caught on camera doing some peculiar things in the darkness during the middle of the night.

    4. This baby that found its monitor.

    5. This kid running straight at you with a stick figure LED costume.

    6. This kid's school project that is premium nightmare fuel.

    7. This child's sweet message listing their mom as their hero accompanied by an unflattering/horrifying drawing.

    8. The eyeball of this kid leering into the bathroom while their parent goes number two.

    9. This child caught on camera doing eerie-looking acrobatics in the middle of the night.

    10. This kid's Woody toy that's been taped up and appears to be in some sort of hostage situation.

    11. This kid who can twist his head/neck 180 degrees.

    12. This baby's face seen through an MRI.

    13. This child who cried into their blanket and left behind terrifying remnants of a face.

    14. This child's deeply unsettling bat suit.

    15. This impressive young baby swimming so well that it's honestly uncomfortable.

    16. This child's pottery art that they made for their parent that looks capable of haunting/possessing someone.

    17. This kid's drawing that looks like something A24 would buy the rights to and turn into a horror movie.

    18. This chid's black paint job on their doll's face.

    19. This kid who left their toy at the bottom of the stair with its head leering up creepily.

    20. This baby doing a lot of moving around in the womb. Like, A LOT of moving.

    21. And finally, this impatient toddler waiting on the other side of a translucent bathroom door.

    H/T r/oddlyterrifying