People Are Sharing Photos Of Times Kids Were Obviously Lying, And They're Truly Hilarious

    Kids are very bad at lying.

    1. This kid who says they didn't eat toast in bed.

    2. This kid who reset his aunt's phone, then tried to cover their tracks by downloading SEVERAL apps.

    3. This 8-year-old who is impersonating an adult to get logins for a tablet.

    4. This kid who called 911 and then impersonated his dad.

    5. This kid who is denying responsibility for cutting their own hair.

    6. This kid who lied about breaking their iPad.

    7. This kid who magically found the fabric scissors after lamp cords had been snipped.

    8. This person who was trying to blame their farts on others as a kid.

    9. This kid who snuck onto Facebook after being told not to, then told on themself.

    apparently my nine-year-old nephew wanted permission to make a facebook account and my sister was like "no, you're nine" and then he figured out how to make one behind her back and got caught immediately when he sent her a friend request


    10. This kid who got caught buying a "farts extension pack" without permission.

    11. This kid who broke their bother's headphones and then tried to put them back in the case like this would go unnoticed.

    12. This kid who got caught stealing vodka.

    13. The kid who inspired this.

    14. And this kid, who might be the one who inspired the words above, because they painted all over their bathroom walls and even wrote their own name, then tried to blame it on a monster.

    15. This kid who tried to be funny in a Google Doc, not realizing the teacher could read it and would know who was responsible for the writing.

    16. This kid who was lied to, and now it's obvious when they're lying.

    17. This person who tried to cheat at poker as a kid and failed massively.

    18. These kids who made this not-so-great fake Nintendo Switch to swap out with the real one every night.

    19. This kid who eats strawberries like this and puts them back in the refrigerator, then pretends to be confused when confronted.

    20. This kid who ordered a ton of toys and got busted upon delivery.

    21. And finally, this kid who is still figuring out how to be good at lying, because he told his mom he woke up and his phone was broken but he had no idea how. Then, a few days later, she found that he uploaded this video to YouTube.

    A video titled "Jumping over my phone on my dirt bike"