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    I’m Bad At Fashion So I Tried An NBA Player’s Banana Republic Collection And Here’s How It Was

    Layers on layers!

    Hi, I’m Christopher and most of the time I dress like your average Target mannequin.

    Christopher Hudspeth, target_franklintn / Via

    Fashion isn't my area of expertise, so I tend to stick to what’s familiar and keep it as cheap as possible, meaning I don’t often experiment with clothes from luxurious retailers. My closet is 90% basic button-downs, plain black tees, and dark denim.

    Over the years I’ve taken some fashion risks and tried some different styles. For example, here’s a photo from my long-sleeved polo phase.

    Christopher Hudspeth

    You think you’ve got real friends, then you look back at pictures from 2006 and question why nobody was there to intervene.

    Then recently, scrolling through my laptop while wearing faded basketball shorts and a hoodie the Old Navy clearance rack blessed me with, I learned about Kevin Love’s Banana Republic collaboration.

    Banana Republic, Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

    For those unfamiliar with Love, he’s a very, very good professional basketball player who has has also been an advocate for mental health, and he’s Banana Republic’s style ambassador because the dude is always looking dapper. After a few seconds of browsing I was heavily into his collection.

    So, I tried outfits from Love's collaboration as they were shown in the lookbook.

    Banana Republic / Via

    Often times when I see a particular article of clothing that I like, I’m not sure what to pair it with to create the best, complete look, so it helped to wear the outfits the exact way he modeled them.

    It's important to note that I wore these outfits in Los Angeles at the end of September/start of October, meaning it was way too warm for layers.

    Outfit 1:

    Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @maceyjforonda

    Sadly, I had to ditch the coat almost immediately. As beautiful as it is, it was wool-is-a-bad-choice degrees outside, and I wasn’t trying to leave pit stains on that magnificent topcoat.

    This collection has some sharp, high quality sweaters that'd be perfect in the winter. The one seen above, underneath the coat was my personal favorite, and it seemed to garner the highest praise. However, someone told me I looked like I was dressed for Thanksgiving dinner, and another asked if I just joined Gryffindor. I took both comments as compliments.

    Outfit 2:

    Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @maceyjforonda

    While I don’t wear turtlenecks often because the sun is a hater, I do love them. However, mine are usually found within the first couple results of a “men’s turtlenecks” search on Amazon, with the price organized from low to high. This is all to say that it was nice to wear a turtleneck that felt like it was made of very fine material, and it got a lot of compliments.

    As for the biker jacket, leather automatically make me feel 25% cooler (as in confidence, not temperature), so I’m a big fan of this one. It also looks like something that’ll be in style for the next 20 years, and beyond.

    Outfit 3:

    Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @maceyjforonda

    This is the third outfit, which had a varsity jacket with leather sleeves that was thick and heavy enough to actually be worn in cool weather. It was paired with corduroy pants, which I’d never worn before.

    For some reason, I’ve just automatically looked past all things corduroy when shopping throughout the years, but it’s actually really light and comfortable and I think the pants would go well with one of the thousands of plain tees in my closet.

    Outfit 4:

    Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @maceyjforonda

    This look made me want to move to New York during the winter. There’s a wool turtleneck sweater paired with a wool topcoat and they bottle up all your body’s warmth (in a pleasant way). It’s a combination that would undoubtedly look and feel amazing in the wintertime.

    So, yeah, I loved just about every last piece that I tried from this collection and I think I want to move somewhere cold enough to rock layers now.

    Outfit 5:

    Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @maceyjforonda

    The suede trucker jacket was magnificent and it made me want to hop in a semi and drive down a runway. It had a cashmere sweater and a thick cotton shirt underneath so it was pretty snug, like a warm hug from your clothes.

    In closing, I have a few final thoughts:

    Banana Republic

    1. The quality of every single item I tried from the collection is amazing. They legitimately feel like they’d last for decades.

    2. I will be keeping tabs on what Kevin Love wears and using it as inspiration for my wardrobe moving forward (even if I have to find budget versions of some of it).

    3. Turtlenecks are a top three type of sweater (1. Hoodies 2. Cardigans) and they deserve to be respected as such.

    You can find the entire BR x Kevin Love collection here.

    These products were provided to BuzzFeed free of charge, but we were not obligated to positively review them.

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