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This Family Disappeared In 2009 And The Theories Of What Happened To Them Are All Disturbing

A family of three gone, leaving behind many questions.

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This week's (and previous) episodes of BuzzFeed Unsolved are now available on Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and Roku TV. On this episode, Ryan and Shane investigate the Jamison family, who disappeared in 2009.

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4. Investigators discovered a number of things inside of the truck.


The findings included Bobby's wallet, Sherilyn's purse, jackets, a GPS, Bobby's cell phone, $32,000 cash in a bank bag stashed below the driver's seat, and the Jamison's pet dog, who was malnourished, but still alive.


7. Despite having their belongings, the case went cold and the search for the Jamison family called off. There wasn't a discovery until four years later, on November 16, 2013.


Hunters scouting for deer hunting locations stumbled upon the partial skeletal remains of two adults and one child. They were less than three miles away from where the Jamison family had disappeared.

8. This led to a new search, which led to new findings.


Authorities found shoes, bits of clothing, adult teeth, an adult arm and leg bone, and bone fragments that were eventually confirmed to belong to the Jamison family.

10. An odd wrinkle in the case is some security footage taken outside of the Jamison home.


The footage was from the day they left, and showed the couple making several silent trips between their car and their home, as they methodically packed to leave.


12. One theory of what happened, is that the Jamison family simply got lost in the woods, dying of hypothermia and exposure.


In the days following their disappearance, the area the Jamisons were last seen in had experienced some heavy rains.

13. A second theory is that it was a murder-suicide scenario.


An angry letter was said to have been found in the abandoned truck that according to one report, was 11 pages long, and was written from Sherilyn to Bobby.

14. There's a third theory that the family was murdered by Bobby's 67-year-old father, Bob Dean Jamison.


Approximately six months before the family disappeared, Bobby filed a protective order against his father, who had threatened to kill he and his family on two separate occasions.

15. There are a couple more theories that involve a cult, witches, a satanic bible, and drugs.


Ryan and Shane deep dive into the details surrounding this case in the episode. Despite the theories, there are no suspects in the case because the leads point in so many different directions. One day things might be clearer, but for now the case remains unsolved.

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