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32 Deeply Ironic And Appropriate Photos That Prove The Universe Has A Sense Of Humor

A human manually sweeping floors in a robot vacuum store.

Sometimes there are chef's kiss moments where a sequence of events take place and, as if fate has a sense of humor, they lead to a person, an object, or both being put in a position that's quite ironic. Other times it isn't even irony, it's just on-the-nose, 100% appropriate alignment. Look, I've done enough talking. I can show you better than I can tell you, so scroll along and enjoy the ride!

1. When this fallen sign was asking a question that it's the answer to.

2. When this person in an iRobot store was manually cleaning the floors.

3. When this sign and garbage can basically joined forces to say, "Mistakes are proof you are trash."

4. When this cluster of Domino's bikes got tipped over.

5. When this A-rated restaurant displayed its public health score alongside a roach.

6. When this label for books containing all of the words was spelled wrong.

7. When this car that just got in an accident, ruining the passenger side of the vehicle, was right next to a sign that says, "There's more to life than being a passenger."

8. When this Subway sign unintentionally appeared to tell people to eat "fresh," the restaurant next door.

9. When this fortune cookie misprinted the words, "No job is so simple that it cannot be done wrong."

10. When the news did a story on school being "two easy."

11. When one parent had their dog in a stroller and one parent had their child on a leash.

12. When someone littered with a "World Cleanup Day" mask.

13. When this truck displaying a message about not taking shortcuts got caught taking a shortcut.

14. When this restaurant called We B Smokin' was literally doing so.

15. When the telemarketers didn't want anyone soliciting.

16. When the words "Nothing is written in stone" were written in stone.

17. When the text on this thing for sale said to collect moments instead of things.

18. When this SUV got a flat tire while carrying SEVERAL tires on a hitch.

19. When the sign in the self-help section suggested that people ask for help getting books from high shelves.

20. When this sign telling people to "give cyclists space" was encroaching on cyclists' space.

21. When this sign in the empty ink section told people to "never run out of ink."

22. When the sign for the "fasteners" section needed some fastening.

23. When this "Do the job right" sign was done wrong.

24. When this "Redbox" was very clearly blue.

25. When someone crashed just past a "Thank you for driving carefully" sign.