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    15 Mesmerizing Photos Of Interior Designs That I Am Just Very Jealous Of

    Going to need a comfy reading nook ASAP.

    1. This beautiful Chicago apartment's living room with all of the exposed brick.

    2. This glorious reading nook.

    3. This Brooklyn living room with the incredible skyline view.

    4. This comfy home library with color-coordinated books.

    5. This woody bedroom in a cabin in Maine that has a skylight.

    Credit: Chris Daniele

    6. This vibrant but tranquil-looking living room.

    7. This room that has indoor greenery along with a scenic view outside the window.

    8. This fall vibes in this room that has a view of the surrounding woods and a fireplace.

    9. This Spain apartment overlooking the sea.

    10. This room that's full of softness and pillows and appears to be ridiculously comfy despite the Stranger Things Upside Down-esque lighting.

    11. The mountain backdrop vibes in this tranquil bedroom.

    12. This little reading spot under a bed that looks like a miniature library.

    13. This barn that was converted into a magnificent living room.

    Credit: Chris Daniele

    14. This truly impressive treehouse setup.

    15. And finally, this perfect room that offers good lighting, pretty plants, and several seating options.