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23 Of The Most Impressive Tiny Details In Movies That'll Blow Your Mind

Details from Disney to Marvel to a decade old Adam Sandler flick.

1. In A Quiet Place, the aisles in the pharmacy are empty except for the chips, because they make too much noise.

Paramount Pictures

2. In Interstellar when they visit the tidal wave planet, there's a time dilation that results in every hour spent there being seven years time on Earth. The track playing during this scene is called "Mountains," and there's a clock ticking sound heard throughout it. Each tick represents an entire day on Earth gone by.

Paramount Pictures

3. In Spider-Man 2, Peter tells himself, "Strong focus on what I want," before leaping off of a building. He winds up slamming into a wall, and landing on a Ford Focus.

Columbia Pictures

4. In Juno, a classified ad shows a doggie day care that has the same phone number as another ad for a lost Maltese, indicating the day care lost a dog.

‎Fox Searchlight Pictures

5. In Rampage, when Dwayne Johnson's character Davis signs his name, he's actually doing the ASL sign for "Rock."

Warner Bros. Pictures, Laura Berg Life / Via

6. In Liar Liar, when Fletcher writes "blue" all over his face with a pen, he also writes B.B. King, the name of the late blues legend.

Universal Pictures

7. In Moana, when Maui turns into a hawk, you can still see his hook on his right wing.


8. At the end of Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther's claw marks remain visible on Cap's shield because they're both made of vibranium.


9. In Fight Club, Tyler Durden lives on Paper St. The definition of a "paper street" is, "a road or street that appears on maps but does not exist in reality."

20th Century Fox

10. In Guardians of the Galaxy, after Peter is arrested, it says he has a "translator implant in neck." This is how he's able to speak to aliens.


11. In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, David, played by Paul Rudd, has a photo of Paul Rudd on his shirt.

Universal Pictures

12. In Kill Bill: Vol. 1 the bottom of The Bride's shoe is quickly shown. It says, "FUCK U."


13. The walls of the home in The Brave Little Toaster are all only half clean because that's as high as Blanky can reach.

Buena Vista Pictures

14. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, MJ can be seen reading Of Human Bondage, a book about an orphaned boy who is sent to live with his aunt and uncle.


15. In I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, early on Chuck and Larry wear Nike and Adidas respectively. After getting married, they both wear Puma.

Universal Pictures

16. In Hot Fuzz, a sign that reads "2 shooters 4 the price of 1" is visible as two people are shooting guns.

Rogue Pictures

17. Will Smith plays Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness. In the scene before the end credits, he walks past the Chris Gardner who the movie is based on.

Columbia Pictures

18. In We're the Millers, Rose wears the same outfit and hairstyle that's seen on an ad for a cleaning service earlier in the movie.

Warner Bros.

19. In Baby Driver, after Baby meets Deborah, the heart on this painting changes from black to red.

TriStar Pictures

20. The crate Woody gets trapped under in Toy Story has a toolbox on top that says, "Binford." Binford is the tool company from Home Improvement, which stars Tim Allen, who plays Buzz Lightyear.


21. In I Am Legend, Fred the mannequin's head slightly turns.

Warner Bros. Pictures

22. In Evan Almighty, when God appears as a waiter, his name tag says Al Mighty.

Universal Pictures

23. And finally, in the Harry Potter movies, the intros become darker each movie, as does the story.

Warner Bros.

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