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    I’m Trying Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “Jumanji” Workout For Eight Weeks — Here’s What Week 2 Was Like

    Similar to Week 1, with added soreness!

    Greetings, y’all! Though my entire body is pretty freakin' sore at the moment from Week 1, my fingers are still fully functional, so I’m going to tippity tap these keys to tell you all about Week 2 of The Rock's Jumanji regimen.

    Christopher Hudspeth

    One thing about these workouts is there are some INSANE rep counts that I spent the week in anticipation/fear of like they're a school bully I can't avoid. My two biggest nightmares thus far are the leg press (FOUR sets of 25) and dumbbell side lateral raise (THREE sets of 25, 20, 15, 12, and 20 reps).

    @therock / Fox

    These sets are the best and worst because they force you to really push through and test yourself, so it's that much sweeter when you hit the last rep and feel accomplished, like you wound up bullying your bully away.

    I made it to the gym for these workouts all five days and even felt energized enough to do additional lifting and cardio on Saturday. For me, extra energy is RARE, so when I feel it, I use it!


    With challenging workouts comes lots of soreness. Although I feel great physically, the soreness has me walking like an elderly man. Fortunately for me, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Theragun a few months back, and let me tell you, this thing has changed my life. It's a massage gun that will work out kinks, relieve pain and stiffness, and do things that make you tilt your head back, close your eyes, and say, "Ahhh."

    Christopher Hudspeth

    This thing is my baby and I love it, but I realize they're expensive. HOWEVER, I've heard good things about some cheaper massage gun options, and they're definitely worth researching if it's something you're interested in.

    Anyway, personally, I don't think soreness is a good method of measuring how well workouts are going, but I thought my soreness was a result of increasing the weight and keeping workouts intense. Or at least, I thought my workouts were intense until I came across this video of The Rock working out:

    View this video on YouTube

    I realized I'm doing that thing where I scroll through my phone picking a song or taking too much rest between sets, and there's room to up the pace/intensity moving forward!

    In Week 1, the workouts went well, the dieting went meh, and I set some goals for Week 2. One of those goals was to give morning workouts a try, and SHOCKINGLY, I managed to wake up (thanks to a smorgasbord of alarms) and hit the gym early multiple times!

    Christopher Hudspeth

    As much as I'd like to work out in the morning every day, it's simply not a fit for me right now. It'd require me to go to sleep earlier and I often use my nights to cook, or write, or waste two hours watching something and then being like, how is it already 10 p.m.? So, I've decided I'll work out in the afternoon, with morning workouts only happening when I'm feeling up for 'em.

    I also met my other goals, not eating a single Skittle or fast food, not drinking any alcohol, and lifting heavier weight, so those are some small victories moving forward!


    The Rock / Via

    - Eat homemade meals every night.

    - No Postmates (shit's expensive).

    - Work out as intensely as The Rock did in that video.

    - Or just make it through all five days of working out. (Right now, I have a sinus situation that's got me feeling less than good but not completely bad.)

    Can I avoid ordering food and paying delivery fees? Will I actually cook all of my groceries before they go bad? Will my abs begin to make their first appearance since before the holidays? Find out on my next installment of The Rock's Jumanji workout journey!

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