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    21 Adult References You Never Noticed In ‘90s Batman Cartoons

    Batman was too stealthy for censorship.

    1. When Cassidy tried to convince Batman to stay the night.

    2. The time tax season had the Joker shook.

    3. When Roxy Rocket and Batman were about to crash into a cliff but it looked/felt/sounded very sexual.

    4. The time Harley surfaced from a giant pie (butt first) and sang to the Joker in a sexy, Marilyn Monroe cadence.

    5. When Harley tried to get some action from the Joker.

    6. When the Joker was auditioning new Harley Quinn candidates and this one shoved his face into her chest.

    7. When The Creeper aggressively chased Harley, then made this slick comment after she tried to hit him...

    8. He was really persistent...

    9. Then eventually Batman knocked The Creeper out and his face landed right in Harley's bosom.

    10. When Batman searched for the Joker in a strip club...

    11. ...And this goon had a guess about what the Joker might be up to.

    12. The time Killer Croc and Baby Doll teamed up to commit crime, but Batgirl wondered what the two of them do in private.

    13. When some random dudes hit on Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy at a stoplight and asked if they were going to spank them.

    14. That time there was a suggestive sound heard when the Riddler was approached by an attractive woman...

    15. And shortly after, another woman seductively asked the Riddler how a pair of ball-shaped walkie talkies work.

    16. This questionably placed question mark on the Riddler's gal's leotard.

    17. That time Harley Quinn took a shot at Detective Bullock size.

    18. That time Bruce Wayne insinuated he was going to bang Karl Rossum's assistant and gave Lucius a smirk when she walked into the room.

    19. That time Zatanna questioned Batman's motives for helping her.

    20. When Dick and Cindy's study session was about to get frisky.

    21. And finally, the time Catwoman took Batman's assessment of her temperature as a compliment.