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    23 Nickelodeon Cartoon Jokes You Didn’t Understand As An Innocent 7-Year-Old

    Nothing from your childhood is innocent.

    1. Doug's subtle oral sex innuendo.

    2. The time Roger didn't know about the birds and the bees after his cat gave birth to a litter.

    3. When Doug said "nut suckers" while playing a video game.

    4. When Doug's love for Patty made lava gush.

    5. That time Judy knew gay handkerchief code.

    6. The time Norb's dad told him that he used to hear him "slapping his tail in the bathtub all the time."

    7. When Daffy was looking at a nudie magazine on Tiny Toon Adventures.

    8. When Grandpa Lou rented a movie for the kids...and one for himself.

    9. When Stu made this gesture while explaining that Phil and Lil's dad had gone "male bonding."

    10. When Grandpa Boris got fed up with watching Stu's boring home videos.

    11. When it looked like Tommy was doing something graphic while looking for a screwdriver in his diaper.

    12. When Lil got naked in front of Tommy and he suddenly had questions:

    13. When Lil rummaged through her dad's desk drawer looking for a calculator, but of course there was a Playboy magazine in there.

    14. The Rugrats episode called “Cradle Attraction,” which parodied the movie Fatal Attraction and featured a problematic relationship between Chuckie and a little girl named Megan.

    15. When Helga talked about how Arnold makes her "girlhood" feel.

    16. All the times that Helga's mom was drunk, slurring her words, making "smoothies," falling asleep all over the place, and even doing community service (presumably for a DUI).

    17. The time that Grandpa Phil told Arnold he did drugs back in the day.

    18. When Peter appeared to be eating Joy's ass on Hey Arnold!

    19. The time Arnold blushed at the thought of a threesome.

    20. This creepy sausage sign.

    21. When Grandpa Phil almost told Arnold and Gerald about the time he hooked up with a French woman in a barn.

    22. The time Rocko got a job as a phone sex operator and even provided services to Mrs. Bighead.

    23. Finally, when Rocko went in for an exam and the doctor grabbed his eyeballs as if they were testicles, and even told him to cough.